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John P. Wheeler 'Surveillance' Video and Analysis

Here we have so called "surveillance video" that "shows an apparently disoriented John Wheeler inside a Wilmington, Delaware office building. The former presidential aide was later found dead in a landfill. (Jan. 5)" (AP).  The last moments of someone's life.

Analysis, thanks to Big Dan's Big Blog -- (do visit! but more on that later) -- and a helpful soul there by the name of Plunger:

Looks to be like a guy who got the shit kicked out of him in a struggle - suffered swelling in his foot or ankle sufficient to prevent him from putting his shoe back on when he came to. Notice he is limping and carrying his shoe. Why? Did he fight for his life prior to having a syringe stuck in his neck? This video is evidence alright - but not of what they are telling you.
....On further review, this is a video OF a video. The original appears locked down and time coded, but it looks like someone used a hand held flip video camera to shoot a monitor displaying this - then posted it to youtube. Why? Who would do that? Did AP do that? Really? They has access to view the original but needed to reshoot it with yet another camera? Why? Allegedly received this from the police? Why would they shoot a second video from an original - and send that out instead of the original?
.... Watch it again, and pay particular attention to the edges of the framing of the images. The camera is hand held, and/or controlled, and is panning/ tilting and demonstrates camera shake as might be found if hand-held. Either way, this is not the RAW FOOTAGE from a mounted security camera archive. If it were, the framing would be tack solid, no motion. If someone drugged him, and wanted to paint him as a loon, this is EXACTLY what the video footage of the aftermath would look like. The effort to paint the victim as something less than sane and stable is a glaring case of defaming the victim, just like the alleged Anthrax Scientist - total shadow government hit job. The evidence is clear.
... The dead giveaway on that video, aside from the camera-shake, a classic "tell," is that the person hand holding the video camera - shooting the image projected on a monitor, is ANTICIPATING the subjects movements. You see the camera begin to tilt up BEFORE Wheeler walks up in the frame. The person video taping the monitor is not showing the entire monitor - for a reason. They are zoomed in a bit.
So what is the reason for shooting a video of the video? To obscure the time code and other data on the actual raw footage perhaps? AP claims to have received the video "courtesy" of the local police department. Call them and ask them if it was them who re-shot the original footage with a second hand held camera, or if they know who did. Then ask them why the original un-doctored version was not made public - and why their public affairs department has not let the public know that the video is NOT THE ORIGINAL. 
See how when the camera operator tilts down to follow Wheeler to the bottom of the frame, he picks up a piece of the time code at the lower left corner, then notices, and tilts back up?

Big Dan's Big Blog -- well worth the long consideration, an you agree with his hypotheses or not.  Well worth it.  A timeline of Wheeler's last days -- with the parts that don't make sense.  Even better, a timeline of the media's treatment of the subject, with the coverups, transformations, and redactions.  Best of all, a conspiratorial cornucopia of conceivable and oft convincing connections between Wheeler's murder, Vietnam Vets, P-Tech, Booz Allen Hamilton and Mitre -- and dead birds and fish, 500 earthquakes, and phosgene.... 

...and may I remind for good measure that the NLE for 2011 is seismic in nature, along the New Madrid?  A possible trigger ?  just to see if you were paying attention.  Let's hope there isn't a quiz.) So do check it out and tell me what you think.

Be seeing you.

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