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Maybe The TSA Will Get This Message: 4th Amendment Printed On Underwear In X-Ray-Visible Ink

Think they will?

Want To Take A Stand Against New TSA Scan? New 4th Amendment Travel Wear Shows You Can

Dec 08, 2010 - Veronica P. Roberts

...From an ex-Baywatch "babe" complaining of being singled out for extra patting and or screening because she was attractive--to one of the Kardashians comparing the pat-down to rape on late night talk shows--to sexy lingerie worn as outer-wear for travel.

.... Tim Geoghegan, 34, and Matthew Ryan, 28, have created a tee-shirt

with the 4th Amendment emblazoned on the front, in a special metallic ink, designed to show in TSA scanners. So every time you wear one of this unique tees, TSA agents will get an eyeful of the Amendment.

.... In addition to the Tees, there also have underpants designed for the male or female, adult or child pat-down traveller...:

Visit title link to read the full article.

Nah, probably not.

What I want to know is.... Why not just wear a hospital gown, or a sheet, and voilà ! No need to scan! No need to pat! Get your hands off of me, you filthy TSA!

An idea.

Be, uh, seeing you.

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