Net Filter Shelved for Now?

I wouldn't put away the pitchforks just yet, but... (and a right hearty oyez to all the indefatigable hackers who, of course, have nothing whatsoever to do with the following). Reposted from the 4/29/2010 article by Nicola Berkovic in The Australian:

Rudd Retreats on Web Filter Legislation

KEVIN Rudd has put another election promise on the backburner with his controversial internet filtering legislation set to be shelved until after the next election.

A spokeswoman for Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said yesterday the legislation would not be introduced next month's or the June sittings of parliament.

With parliament not sitting again until the last week of August, the laws are unlikely to be passed before the election.

Labor promised before the last election it would force internet service providers to block access to illegal content such as child pornography and X-rated images.

But the US government, Google and free speech advocates have said any efforts to censor the internet would slow download speeds, stop the free flow of information and be ineffective.

Senator Conroy's spokeswoman said the government was not deterred by this criticism.

The government was still consulting with internet service providers and considering public submissions; once that process was complete, it would introduce the legislation into parliament, the spokeswoman said.

Australian Christian Lobby managing director Jim Wallace was disappointed.

"The minister has done an excellent job on this . . . and I would like to see it legislated because it was an election promise," he said.

Opposition communications spokesman Tony Smith said Senator Conroy should come clean on when he would release the legislation.

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  1. this is the kind of blogging we need more of...
    keep up the good work........


  2. The biggest supporters of Inernet censorship in Australia are the christian lobby, so basically the loudest voices here, like in America, are those who believe in fairies.

  3. anon: do the fairie-believers also have either a majority, clout, more money than everyone else, or some other advantage? I understand that this is information i technically could look up - but i would like to here your opinion, seeing as you are there.

    ps. - if you ever tool around My Humble BlogCluster & come across something that looks/smells/quacks like (judeo-)xianity (x as in xmas), do hold your fire. i am one, but not of a mainstream sort (by a long shot), and certainly do not sort with those fuckers politically.

  4. and thank you johannes. figured i should post what i find... actually found that on the dark web, even though its mainstream...

  5. once this draconian law is applied, it will ultimately end freedom of speech on the internet

    it will start off filtering child porn, but it wont take long for the censors to attack truth and conspiracy sites, that expose whats really going on in our corrupted zionist part of the world - sites like - whatreallyhappened and rense will quickly disappear, and anything thats embarrassing to the zionist banksters and elites and our corrupted political parties will vanish from our computer screens

    Freedom of Speech - Transparency and accountability are the biggest enemies to the zionist NWO, One World government agenda

    Look what Climategate did to the Global warming Hoax
    Look at what the internet did to the 9/11 inside job war on terror hoax.............etc

    the internet is a Godsend for Justice and Truth in our world of main stream media zionist news lies and corruption

  6. >The biggest supporters of Inernet censorship in Australia are the christian lobby.

    I suspect the biggest supporters of Internet censorship are the jewish lobby. The christians are just the useful idiots. I also suspect the Adelaide institute web site, the resultant court case and the continued presence of the web site is the motivator. Lets not forget KRudd allowing israel to celebrate 60 years of rape, torture, murder and pillage in Australians federal parliament just after he came to power.

  7. Anything to expose the zionist crime network will disappear period!

    Just google the protocols of zion, their number one goal was to get control of the media, they got that, but then the internet came along and f***** up their plans big time!