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Polish Crash, Echo of WWII: Eerie; Putin Himself Investigating: Eerier

reposted from an iReport by William Marlowe

Why would Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin be the one leading the investigation of the air plane crash in SMOLENSK, Russia that killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski?

SMOLENSK, Russia – A number of top Polish officials were on the plane that crashed and killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski including the national bank president, deputy foreign minister, army chaplain, head of the National Security Office, deputy parliament speaker with the most damaging losses to the Polish military leadership with among the dead the army chief of staff, the navy chief commander, and heads of the air and land forces. All were making the emotional trip to honor the Polish officers slain by the Soviet secret police at the time of the murders in 1940.

Isn't it ironic then that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, former head of the KGB and the Soviet secret police and now over the new KGB and Russian intelligence services would be conducting the investigation of a plane crash that killed the President and most of the military leaders of Poland, a former state of the Soviet Union? [sic]

Anyone think I am paranoid or that his is just a weird coincidence?

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  1. Poland a former state of the Soviet Union??? Go back to school.

  2. That was their remark not mine -- my error for not correcting it.