Cryptome rocks (what's left of) the Free World!

The transcript of recent emails regarding Paypal's shutting down Cryptome's account make for VERY INTERESTING READING:

From a phone call with PayPal
Cryptome said you claim to be unaware of the serious PayPal allegation of illegality by Cryptome. You claim to know only generalities not the details about how decisions are made to limit accounts. You admitted you did not know that the purpose of Cryptome is legal. You have refused to put your comments in writing. You have avoided giving believable information about how PayPal decided to limit Cryptome's account and confiscate its funds, even though the PayPal practice is widely used not only on Cryptome but in thousands of other instances. You are not credible as a spokesperson -- you have said nothing of substance over what has been previously sent to Cryptome, now posted on the site. For these reasons you are a liar aiding PayPal to conceal its unscrupulous practices.

From an email reply to a friend at ZDNet who wrote to confirm Paypal's statement, in response to inquiry, that "All funds associated with Cryptome have been released":
No funds have been released by PayPal, my account remains blocked, and funds cannot be withdrawn.

I have this morning posted on Cryptome several screen shots of my PayPal account showing evidence of PayPal's lying.

I refunded the bulks of what was in the account at the time of blockage, about $5300, on my initiative to remove control by PayPal which said it would deny access to the funds for six months, then, might release them or might not.

It is certain that PayPal attacked Cryptome for posting its secret arrangements with authorities to spy on customers

PayPal is following Microsoft's recent example in this attack. DMCA infringement or unsubstantiated allegations of illegality are the pretexts for these attacks when what is intended it to conceal embarrassing and unethical behavior toward the public.

Emphasis: Privacy policy is a deception to conceal corporate misbehavior against customers. DMCA is a means to censor the web as EFF and others have vigorously argued.

Paypal Shuts Cryptome Account, Cites “Risk” and Too Many Donations ...

Cryptome Suspected of Money Laundering or Worse (PayPal freezes their account)

Microsoft Takes Down Whistleblower Site, Read the Secret Doc Here

PayPal restores Cryptome for real |

And just a little while ago (obviously also< href= "> restored): shut down on behalf of M$FT

John Young, you are an inspiration.

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